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John Treacy

John Treacy

John Treacy won a silver medal in the 1984 Olympic Games, in the category of Men’s Marathon. He represented Ireland between 1980 and 1992 at four Olympic Games. Treacy has held onto his passion for sports in Ireland while working as the Chief Executive of the Irish Sports Council.

His running career took off in 1978 when he won the IAAF Cross Country Championship in Glasgow. That same year at the European Athletics Championships in Prague he placed 11th in the fast 10,000-metre race and fourth in the slow and tactical 5,000-metre race. After this success there was little to stop Treacy’s star from rising, he went onto win the IAAF Cross Country Championship again in Limerick in 1978 before going on the represent Ireland in four consecutive Olympics and world Athletic Championships.

John Treacy ran competitively until 1995, winning several medals along the way. He retired following a road race held in his honour in Waterford.

Our Aims and Objectives

The Thomas F Meagher Foundation aims to promote pride in and respect for the Irish flag and its true meaning for peace on this island. The Foundation is named after Thomas Francis Meagher, Irish Patriot, US army general and Governor of Montana who flew the first Tricolour flag on the 7th of March 1848 from 33 The Mall in Waterford at the Wolf Tone Club. The Thomas F Meagher Foundation strives to ensure that every citizen in Ireland and in particular, every schoolchild is aware of the history and meaning behind the National Flag and recognises the extraordinary life of Thomas F Meagher.

At the 1848 Tricolour Celebration in Waterford the Foundation will present all schools with an Irish Tricolour flown from 33 The Mall. The Foundation will also be a vehicle for participating schools across Ireland to raise funds for their own projects during ‘Flag Week’. In order to support active citizenship in Ireland, the Foundation has established an awards and scholarships programme to recognise outstanding students who have contributed to their school and community by displaying commitment to the aims of the Foundation.

Irish Flags which had flown from 33 The Mall, Waterford from where Thomas F. Meagher flew the first Tricolour were presented by the city’s Mayor in conjunction with the Thomas F. Meagher Foundation at the 1848 Tricolour Celebration on the 1,100th anniversary of the City to every Mayor and Chairperson of all City and County Councils in the State for display in their Council Chambers. A school from each county were also presented with a Tricolour to mark the occasion.

Aims and Objectives