Latvian-born Irish Professional Rower, two times Olympian, Double European & World Champion.

Sanita born in Lativa and now an Irish Citizen living in Cork. She is the reigning double European and World champion in the Women’s Single Scull winning her world title at the 2018 World Rowing Championships and successfully defending it at the 2019 World Rowing Championships. She became European champion at the 2019 European Rowing Championships and successfully defending it at the 2020 European Rowing Championships.

Sanita speaking about joining the Board of the Foundation said, “As an adopted Irish citizen, I instantly felt welcomed into this Nation and found myself completely at ease here, absolutely certain that my husband and I would be able to work and live comfortably here because of the number of opportunities available to us. As such, I am tremendously proud of Ireland, and the flag, in my eyes, carries an important message of togetherness and collaborative effort in pursuing goals.I gladly accepted the invitation to join this Honorary Board. I am looking forward to working with the existing members on the board in promoting the meaning and significance of the Irish Tricolour.”