At this year’s annual National Association of Principals and Deputy Principals Conference, we were delighted that Honorary Board Member Henry Shefflin, one of Ireland’s most successful Sports stars and winner of 10 all Ireland hurling medals could join us at this event to tell the attendees what schools can expect after registration. The event was a resounding success, and we are very happy with the number of schools that registered at the event. 

At the conference, we had speeches from our Honorary Board Member, Henry Shefflin, as well as Gaisce President Yvonne McKenna and MEP Maria Walsh, telling what the flag means to them and what registered schools can expect from their experience in the Foundation. Their speeches were very well received, and all schools were delighted to learn more about our work, and the participation rate is on course for another hugely successful flag day on the eve of St. Patrick’s Day. 

The NAPD conference is an annual event that brings together principals, deputy principals, and other school representatives from around the country. It serves as an excellent opportunity to share the message of the Irish flag and encourage the schools of Ireland to register to participate in flag day.