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Gracie Friel Artist - SCHOLARSHIP WINNER - scoil mhuire buncrana

"This year and last year have been more challenging than I ever thought they could be, with countless people being affected and taken by the obscenity of Covid 19. People have endured mass suffering and pain both physically and emotionally, facing illness, isolation from those they love, and unfortunately grief .

I tried to encapsulate this within my piece, sketching an elderly man being taken care of by a nurse. On her face she wears a mask displaying the Irish flag, her loving nature a symbol of our country in whole.

During these harsh and historic times, Ireland has successfully and without hesitation stood tall and showcased strength in the face of the unknown. We have obeyed by the rules to keep ourselves, but most importantly others safe, and it is this sense of loyalty and togetherness that makes me so proud to belong to the Irish tricolour. I feel that in 2021, what the Irish flag means to me is strength, compassion,  unity and above all else, is love"

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