Awards & Scholarships

Recognising outsanding students


The Thomas F. Meagher Foundation has established a school Awards and Scholarship Programme in association with Kerry Group which will be launched during Flag week in 2016.  This is to recognise outstanding students who have promoted pride in and respect for the Irish Flag and who are also active citizens in their community. 

In 2016, the Thomas F. Meagher Foundation will officially begin this exciting programme of activities, giving every school a chance to take part; offering one appointed/nominated student from each participating school the opportunity to be awarded a Scholarship from one of the Foundation’s Education Partners.

How does it Work?

1. Register your School

Register your school in the Foundation’s 2016 Flag Week which runs from the 10th – 17th March 2016 

Once you register, your school will then receive from the Thomas F. Meagher Foundation in February to include lapel badges and supporting material to be sold by the students as part of participation in active citizenship within the community and school.  You can choose a charity of your choice which all funds raised from the sale of pins and stickers will be awarded to.  You will also receive information on the requirements to participating in Flag Week and the necessary steps to be in with a chance of winning a Scholarship.

2. Nominate Your Student

Schools & Students who have registered and are participating in Flag Week and entering for consideration for an Scholarship award must first nominate and appoint a student leader within their school prior to the beginning of Flag Week

This student must demonstrate leadership, understand the true meaning of the Irish flag and encourage participation in Flag Week in their school and their community

Exhibit Real evidence of active citizenship through a 90 second video

Name of the appointed student should be included in the 90 second video and remember, the appointed student must be planning to attend third level education at one of our Education Partners’ colleges as if your school wins the competition, the nominated student wins the Scholarship

3. Make Your 90 second Video Application

Working together, students’ video applications should document how they and their school showed active citizenship in their community. How they promoted pride in and respect for the Irish flag and its meaning of peach in their community and school and the video should be no less than 90 seconds and no more than 120 seconds long.  Your video must include footage of your school selling lapel pins and stickers for the charity of your choice.  There will be prizes for the most creative use of item used for presenting your lapel badges such as a welly boot!  Examples of active citizenship are:

• Community Service such as Meals on Wheels, visiting a local nursing home and entertaining the residents with stories such as that of Thomas Francis Meagher

• Participation in homeless shelters, active awareness of services such as St. Vincent De Paul

• Encourage local business people to change their flag if you believe it is of poor quality or doesn’t follow the protocol of how the Irish flag should be flown

• Window cleaning of local business windows

• Participating in helping a local animal trust by giving up a Saturday morning to walk the dogs

There are lots of ways to be an active citizen in your community and the above are examples to help you!

4. Upload your Video Application

• All schools Flag Week progress must be uploaded to your school’s Facebook page and ‘shared’ with the Thomas F. Meagher Foundation on St. Patrick’s Day 17th March 2016 to promote pride in and respect for the Irish Flag

• Videos must be uploaded to the Foundations Twitter before the closing date at midnight on Friday 15th April and accompany the #raiseourflag

• Videos must be uploaded to YouTube and a link sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*Progress on Flag week must also be uploaded to the Foundations’ Social Media on St. Patrick’s Day 17th March

5. Shortlist & Interviews

Every application will be judged by the Foundation’s Educational Board and a short list will be compiled for interviews with the nominated student from the selected shortlist of entries

6. Awards & Scholarships

From these interviews, the Scholarships will be awarded which are conditional upon the student securing their place at one of the Foundation’s Education Partners via the CAO system which closes on the 1st February 2016 and an offer from their chosen University


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