Awards & Scholarship 2022 Winners

Awards & Scholarship winners

"We of the Thomas Meagher Foundation were delighted with the number and quality of the entries to the Scholarship and Awards programme 2022. It is clear that the young people of Ireland are increasingly aware of the meaning and relevance of the Flag's symbolism in this decade of commemoration. The message of Unity and Peace was expressed with real creativity in each of the award categories - and it was particularly pleasing to see the number of entries from people from other birth nations who were eager to identify with Meagher's vision”.

Michael Cavanagh, Chair


scholarship winner

donal, hakim, olumide, wiktor - nagle community college, mahon, cork

Children of the Flag

The overall winning entry is a song: 'Children of the Flag' Written and performed by three 6th year students: Donal Ojiekhudu, Hakim Ali and Olumide Ogunlela from Nagle Community College Video filmed and edited by 6th year student Wiktor Owczarek. Available at the following youtube link:


Best overall entry senior cycle 

jan ronan macatangay, coláiste muire mathair, galway

Jan Ronan Macatangay 5th Year Colaiste Muire Mathair Galway

The Irish flag means and symbolises countless things to me. When I think about it in 2022, there are many pictures and words that come to my mind regarding it.

At the bottom on the art piece, we notice many different flags and hands of different races and ethnicities. This resembles unity and inclusion of many different countries and nationalities now living and working in Ireland. Today, I see an Ireland that fully embraces its diversity. It is at the bottom of the art piece as it portrays the foundation and the pillar of Ireland.

On the right, we see construction and roadwork. This symbolises how Ireland built itself into a wealthy and thriving country today. In the past Ireland went through great hardships and economic depressions in its history including the Famine, the 1930s Economic War, and the 1950s was an era known as ‘the disappearing Irish’.

On the left, we lay our eyes upon the much-talked about Covid-19 pandemic. We see a sense of intuition and innovation with the creation and distribution of vaccines in Ireland. Above that we also have famous drawings of traditional Irish emblems. These include the shamrock, the harp, the 4 leafed shamrock and of course hurling, Ireland’s famous sport.

Back to the middle of the poster, above the unity symbol we can spot a white dove. This white dove portrays peace in Ireland (which is what the white in the Irish flag also resembles.) The white dove also shows that Ireland and Irish people are pacifists and a friendly nation.

In front of the Irish flag we have our front line workers. These are the essential people without whose tireless efforts and hard work, we may have not entered 2022 safely or happily.

These front line workers include the medical workers, the Irish military and the Gardaí of Ireland. They stand in front of the flag because they are proud of their accomplishments and how they serve Ireland.

Last but most importantly, we notice the sun at the very top of the drawing. The bright sunset portrays the entirety of Ireland and its people. The sun peeking over the flag and everything resembles the hope and strength of the Irish during everything that we have experienced and gone through from the famine times to the current pandemic. Without our hope and strength, Ireland and its flag wouldn’t have flown quite so high.  I am so proud of its impact on the world today.

This is what the Irish flag means to me in 2022.


best overall entry junior cycle

pádraig mac donnacha, coláiste cholmchille, indreabhán, galway


senior cycle runner up

oluchukwu uwechue, st joseph's college, lucan, dublin

Oluchukwu Uwechue 5th Year St Josephs College Lucan Art


junior cycle runner up

hannah curtain, midleton college, cork

Hannah Curtin 2nd Year Midleton College


best special class entry

james moore mac donnacha, coláiste cholmchille, indreabhán, galway

Art James Special Class Coliste Cholmcille Galway

best poem

amy walsh, st. mary's college, naas, kildare

"Flag of Peace"

It was given to us in 1848

By a group of French women

It was a symbol of peace, not of hate

To show the united land we could live in

With unrest and difference plaguing the streets

The Catholics and Protestants fought

Opinions differed, they could not meet

And agree on the peace they ought

With orange and green representing the sides

And white standing for truce

The power of the flag could not be denied

On cloth, unity was introduced.

Today the goals of this flag

Feel more true than ever

In Ireland, inclusivity will never lag

Reject people’s differences we would never

The flag sees no colour

Doesn't judge orientation

As we care for each other

In this kind nation.

The flag cannot see background

It always accepts your faith

There is not a single bound

To the connection the flag creates

They travel through our rivers

And walk along our streets

A message of hope it delivers

With acceptance to those it meets.

It was given to us in 1848

By a group of French women

Our flag embodies what the people create

A peaceful place to live in.


best essay

anne grundy, st. louis secondary school, monaghan




best artwork

sadhbh sheehy, pobalscoil inbhear sceine, kenmare, kerry


best video/audio clip - joint winners 

cbc monkstown park, dunlaoghaire, dublin  

TAR ABHAILE 2022 - Celebrating the irish flag

Available at the following youtube link:


robyn appelbe, sacred heart clonakilty, cork

video link


best music/song/dance

audrey ryan and hannah scarlett, presentation listowel, kerry

Available at the following youtube link:


best social media (instagram) - joint winners 

yulia seale & annija vanaga, coláiste muire mathair, galway

zofia gorska , coláiste muire mathair, galway