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The below are some ideas and templates that may be of assistance to your school when holding your Flag Day events. These ideas and templates have been taken from previous schools who have held similar events and we hope these are of help and inspiration to you.

Note: If you have not registered for your Flag Day free Fundraising Pack please do so This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you would like to use your activities as part of your Gaisce Bronze Award please see further information on this HERE


Flag Day Ideas 1

Preparation for Flag Day Event

Register with the Thomas F. Meagher Foundation to receive your free Fundraising Pack which will include lapel pins to see for projects or charities of your choice.

Form an event planning committee, allow the students to take ownership of this – This committee should be broadly advertised within the school and be fully inclusive of all the school population

If you wish set up a social media presence for your day

Research and decide upon which charity or project you would like your fundraising to go towards


Flag Day

Your event should be exactly what your school wants, below are just some ideas but we encourage schools and students to be as creative as possible.

Ask all nationalities within your school if they would like to do a little information sheet or speech on the day about their heritage and what the Flag of their other country means to them, also what the Irish Flag means to them.


Flag Day Ideas 2


Ask all students in your school to bring something which reminds them of a country they have an affinity or relationship with, this could be an item of clothing, food or an object. These countries could be a student’s place of birth, their parent’s place of birth, their grandparents place of birth or even where they have family members. This can then form a display.


Flag Day Ideas 3


Music have been found to be a great source of inclusion and having music from different nations which are represented in the school as part of your event.


Flag Day Ideas 4


Having a display board where all nationalities of the school are mentioned alongside one word that they associate with the Irish Flag.


Flag Day Ideas 5


Students have invited prominent members of the local community in to give a speech or an interview about their work or what the Flag means to them, previous examples of these have been local sports stars, the local emergency services or in 2016 family members of those who participated in the Rising. The Foundation is endeavouring to have members of our Honorary Board and Ambassador visit schools, if you would like to enquire about this please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A flag raising ceremony either inside or outside of the school has allows formed part of previous events.


Follow up from Flag Day

Send the Foundation details of your event, money raised and who it was raised for.

Enter the KerryGroup Awards and Scholarship Programme, full details of which are available HERE

Present your charity or project with the money raised for Flag Day


Flag Day Ideas 6